Chiropractor Pompano Beach
Highly recommended. I am already feeling 100% better after one week of treatment. He is knowledgeable, considerate and he really cares about improving the lives of his patients.

Frank W.

Chiropractor Pompano Beach
I visited Pompano Beach last week and hurt my lower back on the flight out. I called Coastal Chiropractic and was able to get an appointment within hours. Dr. Perkins did a great job of addressing my problem and relieving my pain. I see a chiropractor regularly back home and was concerned about going to someone else. I was treated very well by Dr. Perkins and would recommend him to anyone.

Jay Z.

Chiropractor Pompano Beach
Excellent chiropractor! I was visiting the area and needed chiropractic care and they fit me in one hour later. They even gave me an examination revealing things that I know about my back. He even printed out the results of the test, which was quite graphically convincing.

Peter B.

Chiropractor Pompano Beach
Dr. Perkins is a great chiropractor. I am extremely busy individual and have a hard time scheduling doctors visits during normal working hours. Dr. Gene has seen me on short notice when I was in pain and even when its not an emergency his office is extremely efficient at getting patients treated. Prices are reasonable and the staff is pleasant I highly recommend Dr. Perkins if you are in pain or just need some routine maintenance.

Jeff H.

Chiropractor Pompano Beach
Dr. Gene is the best chiropractor I have ever been to! He is kind and patient, and takes his time to explain everything to you. Even after all of his other clients stories, he still remembers the trip you said you were going on 2 weeks ago or whatever it is you told him. A truly genuine person and a pleasure to have him as my chiropractor!

Shelby D.

Chiropractor Pompano Beach
I have always been a little bit leery of chiropractors. This is the first chiropractor I've been to three years. The doctor was very laid-back very nice great that bedside manner. Prices are extremely reasonable, and he is a not a no nonsense guy. The reason I went to see him because I pinched a nerve while weightlifting. Everyone told me there was nothing I can do about it, but wait a few weeks for the pain to leave. After visiting this office I felt almost immediately better, and now two days later and feeling great.

Jason P.

Chiropractor Pompano Beach
After experiencing sharp pain down my neck and spine from getting in a rear end collision I was referred to Dr. Gene by a good friend. I decided to check out his practice and I love it. He is very knowledgeable, professional, and personable. Would recommend to anyone who has been in a car accident or is experiencing any back, neck, or bodily pain. He works wonders!

Kaylee H.

Chiropractor Pompano Beach
I injured myself playing softball and was recommended to Dr. Perkins by a friend of mine. He was very informative and thorough and explained the results of my body scan and why I was suffering pain. Not only did he get me back on my feet quickly, he is very flexible and willing to go above and beyond to help me stay healthy. I am currently going monthly and have seen my headaches that I would constantly get, have almost disappeared.

Dwyne P.

Chiropractor Pompano Beach
Hurt myself while on vacation and Dr. Perkins got me in same day I called and I received excellent chiropractic care. His adjusting skills were actually better than what I get at home. Awesome chiropractor!!

Rondall C.

Chiropractor Pompano Beach
Dr. Perkins is a life saver. I get terrible headaches and he is amazing at adjusting me and giving me relief. They are so great and easy to work with. There isn't enough room for all the amazing things I could say.

Alexis L.

Chiropractor Pompano Beach
I started seeing Dr. Gene one day after I was rear ended in a car accident. I was in a lot of pain and had never seen a chiropractor before. He was very informative and diligent in his testing to ensure the best care. I've seen great results with his adjustments and treatments and would refer him to anyone seeking Chiropractic care. Beautiful office, with a friendly face to greet you. Short wait times and he even takes walk ins. Thanks Dr. Gene!

Janae B.

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