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Find an Experienced Chiropractor in Pompano Beach to Handle Your Back Pain

Oh, my aching back used to be the only concern that sent people to the chiropractor’s office. Today, chiropractors are rock stars, handling many different issues of the lower back and beyond. So, you want to find an experienced chiropractor in Pompano Beach. Done! Visit Coastal Chiropractic today. Your Search to Find a Chiropractor in […]

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How Massage Therapy in Pompano Beach can Improve your Mood

Massage therapy in Pompano Beach is a common practice. It can provide you with many health benefits and make you feel good. Something is relaxing and blissful about getting all of your knots removed, allowing you to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. What if you knew that massages actually helped improve your mood? Would you consider it […]

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How Does Chiropractic Address Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a compression of the median nerve as it passes through the band of ligaments in the wrist into the hand.  The effects are often felt as a loss of feeling, tingling and/or weakness in the thumb, index and middle fingers.  This can be caused by repetitive motion, like typing, playing a […]

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Chiropractic and Golf — A Winning Combination

I love to play golf.  Sometimes I have moments of brilliance, many other times I wonder what has gone wrong with my golf swing, which seemed to have been so much more effortless and easy just the day (or hole) before.  Anyone who has played golf can probably relate.  What makes it such a challenging […]

Whiplash and Permanency – The Evidence

Permanency relating to bodily injury is an important part of documenting response to care in trauma victims especially when there is debate as to whether the injury should have been self-limiting.  In a recent study, Poorbaugh, Brismée, Phelps, & Sizer Jr (2008) stated: Permanency relating to bodily injury is an important part of documenting response […]

Increased Immunity Linked to Chiropractic

One thing many people often notice when they begin regular chiropractic care is that they are sick less often.  Those frequent colds and sniffles and lost days from work they used to experience become less and less frequent.  Why does this happen?  The nerve system and the immune system have a connection, and a properly […]

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Can Migraine Headaches be Helped without Medication?

One thing I see with a large number of people in my practice are those suffering from headaches of all types. I can relate to this, because as a child I suffered from frequent debilitating headaches. My parents and I searched for years for a new medication or some other solution to this, with very […]

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